Finding accurate, evidence-based information on maternal vaccination online can be challenging. On this page, we provide the components of the intervention package developed for the Emory MOMVAX Study. These components can be downloaded and used by obstetric care providers in the clinical setting or by those interested in learning more about maternal vaccination.

Emory MOMVAX Study Package

The Emory MOMVAX Study package was designed to promote influenza and Tdap vaccination to obstetric practices, providers and patients. Because of this multi-tiered objective, the package has components that are useful to a variety of users including OB/GYNs, midwives, nurses, staff, and patients.

Promotional poster

To promote influenza and Tdap vaccination to pregnant mothers (download)

Informational Brochure

To educate pregnant women on the importance of influenza and Tdap vaccination during pregnancy (download)

Provider-to-patient talking points

To educate obstetric providers on the most important points to stress to pregnant women during discussions about maternal vaccination against influenza and pertussis.

Lapel pins

To be worn by obstetric staff to promote maternal vaccination (download)

MOMVAX iPad-based app

Designed using the Apple iBook-platform, this interactive tutorial includes text, pictures and videos to explain the dangers of influenza and pertussis to pregnant mothers and to stress the importance of protection through maternal vaccination.

Peer-to-peer education on maternal vaccination

Studies have shown that peer-to-peer education on health related topics like vaccination can improve a practice’s knowledge and promotion of the topic. Provided for the Emory MOMVAX Study by the Georgia Educating Practitioners in their Communities (EPIC) program, you can learn more about the free, 1-hour training program for obstetric practices on maternal vaccination by visiting the Georgia EPIC program website.

Other Resources

Here are some external sources of information with useful resources about maternal vaccination.